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Flexible, most advanced production lines


At our Düren facilities, we operate a mixing line and two production lines for hot compaction at processing temperatures of up to 160°C.

Complex formulations

The unique design of the mixing line enables us to produce blends of most complex formulations and specialty blends in virtually any batch size. Our mixing line assures highest and repeatable product quality, as it features most advanced process and control technology. It can mix up to eight different additives in an ultra-precise process.

Highest purity

All machine components that may come into contact with the additives are made of stainless steel. Thanks to their sophisticated design, our machines can be cleaned quickly and highly efficiently. Thus we can assure that our blends are ultra-pure and that we can change over from one product to another in the shortest time.

Almost any packaging size

Most of our customers want to have their blends filled in big bags. But we can supply our products in any package size between 5 and 1,000 kg – whatever the customer desires.

Highest safety

We mix the additives under a nitrogen atmosphere. This enables us to process additives of dust explosion class 3.


“All our processes and operations fulfill highest cleanness standards and achieve ultra-quick product changeovers. For our customers this means: extremely short delivery times and highest product quality.“

Jakob Esser, Head of Operations Blend+

Jakob Esser, Blend+
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