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About us

Blend+ is a producer of additive blends for the polymer industry. Targeted markets are polyolefin producers in particular, but also producers of other plastic resins. The leading technology that is applied for producing Blend+ products allows both its conversion in upstream processes and in downstream market segments such as compounders. Blend+ is run by a well experienced management team, entirely financed from shareholder´s equity.

additive blendsThe production facility of Blend+ is centered in Nordrhein-Westfalen, in the industrial park of Akzo Nobel in Düren/Niederau Germany, in relative proximity to the European polymer manufacturing and converting industry. The groundbreaking of a large-scale production line has only been initiated - the starting of the commercial production is scheduled for Q1/2016. Since September 2015 a newly implemented pilot plant allows customers to plant trial test formulations with a state-of-the-art additive blending & granulation process. Identical machinery & processes are designed with both pilot plant and production lines in order to ensure a reliable scale-up. The resulting dust free additive blend pellets facilitate superior dosing, conveying, incorporation and disperion of polymer stabilizer packages into polymeric substrates.


Blend+ operates completely independent from any additive producer respectively supplier. Customers are able to specify all available main additive brands and origin.

Key raw materials represent primary and secondary antioxidants, acid scavengers, UV stabilizers, processing aids and lubricants, nucleators & clarifiers, anti-blocking and slip additives, besides other additive specialties applied in polyolefin stabilisation packages.

The development of additive blends, based on specified customer formulations represents the core business process. Beyond Blend+ offers own formulations expertise for e.g. compounders and converters.

Pilot plant testing of new additive blend formulations, and scale-up to production lines. Both pilot plant and production lines run on identical technologies and processes.

Process controlled weighing and mixing followed by a highly efficient compaction step. The resulting pellets allow a beneficial mean particle size distribution. The dust-free quality of Blend+ additive blends ensure its easy dosing and conveying, and in particular a cost-effective re-dispersion of additives during the incorporation into the resin substrate.

Big bag packaging represents the standard packaging unit. Tailor-made packing items are available upon request. As well as small unit packaging such as bags.

3 step quality insurance process based on a) multiple staffing documentation, b) digital weight note, and c) quantitative analysis on finished products.

All logistics processes are managed by an experienced customer service team, whereas analytical quality control on finished products will be covered by a service company embedded in the Industrial Park Düren/Niederau (Akzo Nobel Site).


Pelletized Additive Blends

The dust free pellets and quality of pelletized additive blends ensure its beneficial conveying & dosing, and in particular a cost-efficient re-dispersion of additives into polymeric substrates.

Powder Blends

Powder blends based on cold or hot mixing processes and technologies.

Specialty Products

Upon request specific products such as handling forms with specific particle-size distribution can be developed, both in powder and in granular form. Furthermore additive systems based on specific carrier systems, or additive blends containing liquids etc.



Hans Houben was managing director and part-owner of comparable companies, through his many years of management and production experience in manufacturing and selling the same or similar products, he has an extensive network in Europe and the Middle East.

managing director


Joachim Bayer owns more than 20 years of working experience in the plastics additives industry. He hold positions in R&D, applications development, technical service, sales as well as business management, in several international additive companies. In partiular Joachim was involved already in the early phase when additive blends became implemented in plastic technologies & processes, and since then developed a wide network in this market.

Head of Sales / Technical Service

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Blend+ Production Lines Completed
Blend+ has completed its new production lines for additive blends
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Groundbreaking for the Blend+ Production Line
Groundbreaking for the Blend+ Production Line in Düren/Niederau on November 11th, 2015.
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Blend+ puts on stream its new pilot plant.
Blend+ invested in a state-of-the art pilot plant for scale-up purposes, production of samples under production equivalent conditions.
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