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From the idea to the optimal blend

The specialists for process technology

With our technical service we support our customers in the development of the perfect blends: we help determine whether powder or pellets would be the best choice for the application on hand, we assist the customer in selecting the raw materials and in the optimization of formulations - from the testing of the first prototype, via optimizing the process up to and including the scale-up for series production. This service is much more comprehensive than what other companies with a focus on contract work can provide.

Hand in hand with our customers, we develop not only specific, customized formulations but also the entire process technology in order to achieve optimal results.

Blend+ Dienstleistungen

No surprises

“We have decades of experience in the development of blends that have to fulfill extremely demanding requirements. For our customers this means: no surprises even if the requirements are extraordinarily exacting.”

Joachim Bayer, Head of Sales & Technical Service

Joachim Bayer, Blend+
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