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Precisely adapted to the specifications of our customers

Increasing quality and reducing costs with the perfect blend

Perfectly homogeneously mixed blends assure the optimal quantity and concentration of the additives throughout the finished polymer product. Pellets, in particular, can be dosed extremely precisely.

For the polymer producer this means: of each additive only exactly the quantity required to achieve the desired properties of the finished products is added to the blend - not more. This reduces production costs significantly.

Process technology for extraordinary challenges

The focus of our product range are Performance Blends in powder or pellet form produced according to customer specifications.

Where plastics for specialized applications are needed and the required properties cannot be achieved with standard additives, we develop - in close cooperation with our customers - bespoke formulations and the suitable process technology to make the production of such high-performance materials possible. The customer can be assured of the quality of our products and processes as we bring to bear our longstanding experience in the plastics industry and our profound materials knowhow.

Our product range comprises:

Business models for special customers

Our customers can choose from a wide range and highly flexible forms of service packages. Whatever the customer requests: we may handle the complete raw material procurement for him or produce the blends from raw materials he provides, and we package the products in all kinds of customized forms.

For example:

  • A polymer producer may tell us the formulation, and Blend+ purchases all the raw materials as specified by the customer.
  • Or the customer may provide us with some of the additives, and Blend+ procures the remainder. We are also happy to produce blends from raw material completely provided by the customer.
  • Many of our customers ask us to develop new formulations and handle the complete purchasing of the required raw materials for them. We also recommend alternative raw materials when we see that they may help our customers save costs.
  • For producers of recycled material – in particular of Re-PP – we develop new and groundbreaking formulations for higher value applications.

That's what the specialist says:

“The mere mixing process does not require any special skills. The crucial part is using the correct process technology. We have frequently proved to be able to make the seemingly unfeasible possible – for and in close cooperation with our customers.”

Michael Piepenhagen, Leiter Technikum & Qualitätssicherung Blend+

Michael Piepenhagen, Blend+
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