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Precise and reproducible

We meet our customers’ wishes – however exacting they may be

We supply a comprehensive range of blends – from triple blends up to and including multi-component blends consisting of up to eight different additives. Our ultra-precise, process-controlled weighing systems, which are second to none in our sector in terms of repeatability and accuracy, guarantee that each component is dosed in exactly the quantity specified in the formulation.

Our equipment also handles viscous substances and materials difficult to convey without a hitch.

We produce our blends from a wide range of additives , including:

  • antioxidants
  • acid scavangers
  • anti-static agents
  • anti-blocking and slip additives
  • nucleators and clarifiers
  • brightening agents
  • HALS
  • UV absorbers
  • lubricants and fluoridated elastomeres
  • special additives for recycling processes
  • fillers
  • inorganic flame retardants

Powder or pellets?

Pulver und Pellets

Powder - whenever required by the process

In many cases, powder blends are still the product of choice - as, for example, in situations in which it would involve an unreasonably great effort to change the customer’s conveying or processing equipment, or in operations in which the existing raw-material or polymer process flows rely exclusively on the use of powder blends .

Pellets: easy to handle

Pellets are virtually dust-free, easy to convey, and they can be dosed with utmost precision. They are the solution of choice for the re-dispersion of additives in polymer substrates because they are extremely process-reliable and cost-efficient.

That's what the sales department says:

“Clarifiers are currently our fastest growing segment because we are able to add them to our blends even at ultra-low bulk densities. Obviously, our customers are acknowledging our capability to reliably apply and control this process.“

Joachim Bayer, Head of Sales & Technical Service Blend+

Jakob Esser, Blend+
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