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When it comes to more than mixing

Custom formulas

We develop customized blends which involve much more than the mixing of ingredients  because they have to fulfill higher than standard requirements, for example:

  • better heat resistance
  • increased long-time UV resistance or extraction stability
  • reduced odorous emissions
  • higher resistance to corrosion
  • reduced share of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Or, for example, customized pellets in unique shapes, or powder with specific particle size distribution. We develop and produce these blends to the customer’s specification or optimize them for specific applications.

We also produce additive systems on the basis of specific substrates, and blends containing fluids.


We like special challenges

“When the customer requests pellets in special shapes, we develop the tools for the granulators in house. Our partner AMBA then manufactures these tools exactly to our specifications.”

Hans Houben, Managing Director Blend+

Hans Houben, Blend+
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